OFFICIAL LAUNCH of the films is on the 30th of June 2010


COP15 Development and Climate Days Film Festival Copenhagen


Africa In Motion 2010


Two-Part Documentary / 2x13min / HDV

 Malawi & Scotland / 2009


Directed by Julian Krubasik & Sabine Hellmann

Produced by Climate Futures


Janeemo is a new enterprise, based on ethical biofuels and their by-products set in Chikwawa, Malawi.


As part of a teachers pack for Scottish schools these short documentaries explore the project on the ground. Driven by a character-based storyline the film aims to be educational as well as entertaining.


"200 schools have received JANEEMO education material, an exhibit has been on display at the Botanic Garden in Edinburgh since mid-March and over 10,000 are estimated to have seen JANEEMO films. We hear too about the Scottish Government's increasing interest in climate change adaptation and renewable energy in Malawi."

JANEEMO Newsletter May 2011


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